Companies that use seasonal staffing understand the headaches and hassles associated with it. It’s a high-stress time as customer demands spike and part-time workers need onboarded.

During this busy time of the year, whenever it falls for your industry, make sure you are prepared for the rush with one simple strategy:

Enlisting the Help of a Temporary Staffing and Recruitment Agency!

As your company undergoes its high-volume season, you can’t just hire anyone off the street. Partnering with a temporary staffing agency will help ensure you are staffing the right employees at the right time.

If you’re still unsure of enlisting the help of a staffing agency, consider these benefits before making your final decision.

Save Time

While seasonal staffing takes a lot time finding workers, it doesn’t have to. Temp staffing agencies help save time by doing all the heavy lifting. The agency screens through applications, interviews and onboards reliable candidates for you.

For Alliance Industrial Solutions, we save time by expediting the hiring process through HR technology, which includes video interviewing. This allows for us to have a database of readily available candidates, specifically for seasonal work.

Reduce Training & Onboarding

Hiring seasonal staff requires an extensive amount of time, especially when doing it year after year. When using the same staffing agency each year, they can provide a list of previous hires. This helps reduce the amount of time spent on training and onboarding for seasonal workers. Which in turn allows for increases in production.

Minimize Unemployment Costs

One of the biggest perks for using a temporary staffing service is that workers are not on your payroll. When the rush is over, you don’t need to worry about your workers’ future. The staffing agency will place them into their next assignment seamlessly.

Seasonal staffing is an paramount decision companies make in order to attain additional employees within a short period of time. Working with a staffing agency helps save your company money on time required for training along with internal recruiting costs, while providing your company with reliable workers in a short amount of time.