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Manufacturing staffing solutions for higher skilled trades, technical roles, supervisory, and supply chain needs. We’re equipped with the resources and knowledge you need to fill your toughest recruitment challenges to win in today’s competitive labor market.

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You don’t need a generalist headhunter helping you out. You need a specialized manufacturing staffing agency you can trust. Our team is made up of industry experts with access to diverse in-house manufacturing job opportunities, a top talent pool, and the latest recruitment technology.

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Tap into our extensive database of passive talent to address the skilled labor shortage in the marketplace. Our seasoned manufacturing recruiters can swiftly identify and pre-qualify the right candidates, saving you time and effort. With over 20 years of expertise in skilled manufacturing recruitment, we offer valuable insights and high candidate acceptance rates, ensuring your company gets the prospects it needs.

Highly Skilled Manufacturing Positions We Recruit For:

Feel confident that you will get the precise skills needed to keep operations on-track and your organization running smoothly — charging ahead. Contact us today to hire skilled manufacturing talent.


CNC Machinist


Manual Machining




Materials Management






Maintenance Mechanic






Machine Builder


Panel Builder


Quality CMM Technician


Production Supervisor


Warehouse Supervisor


Tool & Die Worker/Maker


Mechanical/Electrical Assembler

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We’re Not Like Other Manufacturing Staffing Agencies

“The Skilled Manufacturing recruitment team has been responsive to our needs. I am very appreciative of the partnership.”

– Ken W. Client Review

“Currently, AIS supplies 2/3 of the contract-to-hire team at our organization. They do an outstanding job of finding skilled manufacturing candidates that are likely to match our requirements, which is quite an accomplishment in the current market.”

– Ray O. Client Review

“The team at AIS thoroughly understands the high-level manufacturing jobs we ask them to fill. Their manufacturing recruitment process focuses on the quality candidates versus just sending candidates for us to filter through.”

– Len M. Client Review

“The staffing team is easy to work with and very attentive, yet not too pushy, which we appreciate, as most other manufacturing staffing agencies are the opposite. We have hired two temp-to-hires, and are excited to see who else we can add to our team in the future. Thanks for all the help!”

– John S. Client Review

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How to recruit manufacturing employees
To recruit manufacturing employees effectively, start by clearly defining the job requirements and skills needed. Engage with local vocational schools, and attend industry events to connect with potential candidates. Partnering with a reputable staffing agency can streamline the process by tapping into their talent pool and expertise. A staffing company can help highlight your company’s strengths, such as a positive work culture, opportunities for skill development, and competitive compensation packages, to attract top talent.
How to hire productive employees

Hiring productive employees involves a thorough recruitment process. Focus on assessing candidates’ past performance, problem-solving abilities, and work ethic during interviews. Check references to confirm their track record of productivity. Consider partnering with a staffing agency to access their extensive network of pre-screened candidates. Emphasize a collaborative work environment and provide clear expectations to foster employee engagement and productivity.

How to attract and retain skilled manufacturing workers

Attracting and retaining skilled workers requires a strategic approach. Offer competitive salaries and benefits to showcase your commitment to employee well-being. Highlight opportunities for career advancement and continuous learning. Create a positive work environment that values teamwork and recognizes achievements. Regularly communicate with employees to address concerns and provide feedback. Establishing a strong company culture and investing in employee development can significantly contribute to retaining skilled manufacturing talent.

Top skills to look for in skilled manufacturing workers

When hiring skilled manufacturing workers, look for candidates with a strong foundation in technical expertise, proficiency in operating machinery, keen attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, and a commitment to workplace safety. Additionally, effective communication, teamwork, and adaptability are valuable skills that contribute to a productive and collaborative manufacturing environment. Consider partnering with a manufacturing staffing agency to access their extensive network of pre-screened candidates.

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