Employer Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers! And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always here to chat and help you find the perfect staffing solutions. Let’s get those questions answered!

What are the benefits of working with a staffing agency vs hiring talent on our own?

While hiring on your own gives you total control of the process, many companies find that it costs them more time and money. Finding and hiring the right candidates takes ample time away from core business activities. Plus, you’re responsible for the financial burden of lost productivity and turnover. Alternatively, an effective staffing partner will find talent faster, minimizing costs related to productivity disruptions and recruiting.

What makes you better than the other staffing agencies in our market?

We focus exclusively on the manufacturing and logistics industry so we speak your language. You’ll receive local staffing support and quick, quality talent placement thanks to our advanced tools, effective screening process, and industry expertise.

Most importantly, we believe in the power of potential and our Redwood Tree culture guides how we treat every relationship – candidate and client – with the attention and care it deserves.

How do you find your talent?

We use a variety of sources to find great candidates. This includes technology that identifies top talent within our current database, referrals from existing associates, relationships with community organizations, social media, and of course, job boards. We are constantly screening talent to ensure a quality pipeline is readily available for your specific needs.

How long does it typically take for you to identify talent for my openings?

We can provide a list of resumes and schedule video interviews within 24 hours of requesting talent. Our average time-to-fill is 3 days with 15% higher retention rates than the national average.

How would you screen your talent for our openings?

With your specific requirements in mind, we’d screen talent through in-person or virtual behavioral interviews that vet for reliability, skills, capabilities, motivations, and overall potential.

How would you educate your talent on opportunities with our company?

Besides the basic information like job title, pay rate, and location, we provide details about the job responsibilities, their supervisor (such as their management style and employee expectations), and company culture.

What kinds of benefits do you offer your employees?

Optional benefits include medical, dental, vision, short/long-term disability, and 401k.

How do you handle a situation where someone calls off work or doesn’t show up?

When an employee calls off, we first contact them to understand their situation. Depending on the circumstances, we may emphasize the importance of attendance during the temp-to-hire process and encourage them to come to work if possible. We assess their commitment to continuing employment and provide coaching on the significance of reliable attendance. Afterwards, we update our client on the employee’s status and the discussions held, to determine the appropriate next steps.

What do I do if one of your employees isn’t performing well at our company?

Call us right away! We see potential in every employee that’s sent to your company, so if they’re not performing well, we want to understand why. If it turns out that an employee isn’t a great fit for your company, we’ll send someone new.

What happens if there is an injury on the job?

We take safety very seriously. Our dedicated safety team has a strict injury reporting process for employers and employees to follow. This process ensures the best treatment and return-to-work plan. Ask your recruiter for specific details.

Do you offer any other staffing or staffing related services?

Yes! We offer onsite workforce management called the Alliance Partnership Program (APP). The program is consultative and hands-on, helping you address current staffing pains with data-backed solutions and industry staffing expertise.

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