An on-site program that resulted in 48hrs. time-to-fill and a decrease in turnover.

The Summary:

Great Day Improvements is a vertically integrated, direct-to-consumer provider of branded premium exterior home improvement products, including windows, doors, sunrooms, and patio and pool enclosures. Their manufacturing facility and store support center is located outside of Cleveland, Ohio, and has a total workforce of about 200 employees.

The Problem:

The company experienced incredible growth in 2020, leading to a huge need for workers. Initially, ten separate agencies provided associates with minimal direction or communication, resulting in:

  • Too many associates starting with little guidance or training.
  • No established hiring process, skills/qualification check, or timekeeping system.
  • Constant employee and management frustration – and even some fraud.

Employee turnover reached 50%.

The Solution:

Great Day Improvements chose to partner exclusively with Alliance Industrial Solutions to institute an on-site program and fill roles across the facility, including :

  • Manufacturing Associates
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Assemblers
  • Tow Motor Operators
  • Crane Operators
  • Painters
  • Inspectors
  • Leads/Supervisors
  • Customer Service Reps

Great Day Improvements partnered with Alliance Industrial Solutions for their experience in the manufacturing and logistics space, talent relationships in the community, and proven track record of providing high quality workers.

Alliance Industrial Solutions placed a full-time Workforce Engagement Manager at the facility, who:

  • Streamlined all activities that ten previous agencies were doing, reducing duplication and disorganization.
  • Established a consistent hiring process that included clear communication with candidates, eliminating confusion.
  • Implemented a pre-employment test to ensure associates had the knowledge for the job.
  • Installed a biometric time clock to ensure accurate attendance records.
  • Shared marketplace data that justified a pay rate increase.
  • Served as a dedicated on-site resource for associates and thought partner for Great Day leadership team.

The Impact:

Alliance Industrial Solutions has been able to create a tremendous impact on the business, lowering costs and increasing productivity for Great Day Improvements through higher quality candidates and a process that encourages them to stay. Through the on-site program, Alliance Industrial Solutions has been able to deliver:

  • 48 hour time-to-fill
  • Pipeline of additional associates at the ready
  • Average turnover of 12.8%
  • Average 17-18 starts per month, after initially filling 49 roles

“Our partnership with Alliance Industrial Solutions and Alliance Solutions Group has been extremely beneficial to our success. Alliance has worked with us to meet all of our needs, including: an on-site representative, weekly staffing data, and quarterly meetings to ensure we are aligned in staffing needs. With Alliance, we have seen decreased turnover to the point of 6% in the month of December. We look forward to continuing our professional relationship into the future.”

Nate S., Plant Manager, Great Day Improvements, LLC

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