staffing fails

If you are running staffing for a manufacturer, you know it has to be as streamlined as the assembly lines on the plant floor. You can’t afford to have positions left unfilled or have the wrong person in the wrong seat. Not only will productivity suffer, but the safety of employees is at stake as well.

When you have such an important job to do, how do you avoid staffing fails that can throw a wrench in your whole operation? Follow these critical three tips:

  1. Use predictive analytics. This is a fancy way of saying plan ahead. While of course we can’t see the future, you should know how many employees it takes to run smoothly at each machine, assembly line or packaging station. You should know if this differs by shift or even by the time of year. Use data from the past to determine what your workforce will need to look like in the future, with considerations on growth, training, new product releases and other relevant information.
  2. Create a thorough hiring process. Background checks, drug screens and calling references are all steps in the right direction to hiring a strong workforce. But does your process include skills testing? Timed tests for quickness and efficiency? What about personality and behavioral screens to ensure a cultural fit? If you are scraping by on the basics, you could face higher turnover, friction among teams or a dip in your bottom line profits. Taking extra measures during the hiring process will pay off in the long run when done correctly.
  3. Don’t ignore what’s right in front of you. If you’re losing productivity, getting employee complaints or seeing employees quit left and right – don’t ignore the warning signs! Something is up with your staffing and it needs fixed, immediately. However, don’t ignore the good things either. Reward your stellar employees, put your internal referrals at the top of your interview list and care for your staff overall. Treat them with respect and understanding and they will work hard for you.

Bonus Tip: If you need expert help avoiding staffing fails, get in touch with one of our recruitment specialists today. From sourcing, to interviewing and onboarding talent, you’ll be sure to avoid many staffing fails with one of our pros by your side. Get in touch today, have a reliable staff tomorrow.