Don’t Call Them Temps: A Manufacturing Staffing Agency’s Hot Take

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How Well Do You Know Your Staffing Partner?

Answer 6 questions to find out how well you know your manufacturing and warehouse recruiter and if their talent acquisition strategy is helping or hurting your bottom line.

“Why don’t these temps come back to work after lunch?”

“What do we need to do to get these temps to care more about the quality of their work?”  

As the President of Alliance Industrial Solutions, I have been asked these questions — and others about the commitment and dedication of temporary workers — more than I’d care to admit. 

My response is always the same: “We are not in the ‘temp’ business. We are in the ‘Future’ business. If you have to refer to our associates as anything, please call them ‘Futures’ and not ‘temps” as they are the future of your company — and ours!”

Let me explain.

In the manufacturing and logistics world, the term “temporary” often carries a negative connotation. However, at Alliance, we firmly believe that our purpose extends beyond simply providing temporary staffing solutions. 

Our mission is to shape the future of your business and America by nurturing a team-driven environment that empowers every individual to excel by unlocking their unlimited potential. 

And we get to help you do that every day — one “Future” at a time.

We often educate our manufacturing and logistics client partners on three things when it comes to Futures: the significance of cultivating a positive attitude, recognizing the value of AIS associates, and building a lasting foundation for success.

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Attitude Determines Success

Success or failure hinges on your attitude. It’s a matter of personal choice, and either way, you will be proven right. 

No one aspires to become a temporary worker after completing their education. People pursue their dreams, search for employment, make ends meet, and provide for themselves and their loved ones

They yearn to be part of something greater, and understand that true success cannot be achieved alone. 

Life is a team sport, and acknowledging this fundamental truth is the first step towards building a prosperous future.

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Don’t Call Them Temps: Valued Team Members

How you perceive and treat each employee will directly correlate with how they behave. 

At Alliance Industrial Solutions, our “Futures,” “associates,” or “talent” are treated with utmost respect and dignity because we genuinely believe that people matter. 

Our privilege lies in matching them with job opportunities that not only enable them to provide for their families but also foster independence and make a positive impact on those around them.

We enter into partnerships with manufacturing and logistics companies who believe people are their most important asset. 

By facilitating a proper onboarding process from the start, we ensure that our associates feel appreciated from all angles. Their supervisors take the time to know them personally, forging meaningful connections that leave a lasting impression.

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Laying The Foundation

Creating a successful team goes beyond temporary arrangements.

At Alliance, we are dedicated to constructing the future of manufacturing companies — a future that is built on solid foundations. We have an array of strategies to help you develop a winning team, with none of them being temporary. 

Our focus is on long-term growth, both for our associates and the businesses we serve. 

By fostering an environment that encourages collaboration, personal development, and mutual support, we establish the groundwork for sustainable success.

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A Collective Achievement

The concept of “temporary” is not in our vocabulary at Alliance Industrial Solutions. 

We firmly believe that success is not an individual endeavor but a collective achievement. Cultivating a positive attitude, recognizing the value of our associates, and fostering a team-driven culture builds a future that transcends temporary solutions. 

Our purpose is to empower individuals to excel and contribute to something greater than themselves. Together, we are shaping the future of businesses and America, and there is nothing temporary about it.

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