Warehouse or Forklift jobs (or light industrial jobs) sometimes get a bad reputation for being entry-level and minimum wage, but a lot of these warehouse jobs can actually be great careers and pay above minimum wage. If you’re looking for versatile work with unique perks, don’t be so quick to discredit these positions!

Here are some things to consider if you’re looking for a new position in manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution:

  • On-the-job training. Organizations that hire warehouse associates and forklift drivers will take you in without any prior experience and give you the training you need. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get your foot in the door, or seeking part-time or seasonal work, these can be great jobs to dive right into.
  • Versatile hours. As mentioned above, you can take on one of these jobs if you’re only looking for part-time or seasonal work. Many companies only need part-timers or seasonal help and would be happy to have you on temporarily. Not only that, but most of these companies run all day and night, and have options for first, second and third shift workers, so you can really work around your normal routine if you need to.
  • Sit or stand options. Although you may not realize it, warehouse jobs can be great for people who can’t stand all day. In manufacturing and distribution, there are companies that offer sitting and standing positions on their assembly lines and can work around your physical needs.
  • An engaging environment. A warehouse and distribution job doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, most of the work is fast-paced with productivity goals in place. Many companies will also provide overhead music, and you’ll be working in a team environment, with many members contributing to the success of the product.
  • Clean facilities. Something else you might not know? Manufacturing and distribution warehouses are some of the cleanest and most well-lit facilities around. With inspections and legal regulations, these places are kept clean enough to eat off the floor.
  • Extra perks. Manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution aren’t always glamorous but it has their perks. Some companies offer great incentives for employees, such as holiday parties and celebrations around sporting events, free products, and extra cash from referral bonuses.

Thinking about applying to a warehouse associate or forklift drier job? Get in touch with one of our recruiters today and see what opportunities may be waiting for you in manufacturing and distribution!