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How Well Do You Know Your Staffing Partner?

Answer 6 questions to find out how well you know your manufacturing and warehouse recruiter and if their talent acquisition strategy is helping or hurting your bottom line.

When it comes to manufacturing employment, the market is very candidate-driven. For job seekers with desirable skills, this is great news.

However, as an employer searching for reliable and qualified talent, you may need to make some changes in order for your job openings to stand out. 

Offering a role that aligns with modern workforce trends and values can significantly boost your attractiveness as an employer. A few easy changes to your job descriptions and career site can make a big impact in recruiting efforts.

How To Attract Quality Candidates

If you’re struggling to get applicants, here are some tips to set your company apart from the rest.

Know The Manufacturing Labor Market

Understanding the current landscape of the industrial labor market is crucial for making your job listings stand out. Ask yourself the following:

  • Are you paying competitively? Whether you perform a market analysis or do a quick online job board search, find out what similar jobs are paying. Does your pay rate measure up? How about your benefits package? 
  • Do you have realistic candidate expectations? If you’re requiring more than others for similar roles (for example: three years’ work experience for an unskilled role), you may be standing in your own way of attracting great candidates. 

    We’re not saying you need to settle, but it might be necessary to adjust your expectations to match the qualifications and values of your ideal candidate. 
  • Are you adapting to technology trends? You’re well aware that manufacturing is ever-evolving, and technology is at the forefront of shaping the industry. Is your organization embracing these advancements or resisting them? 

    The younger, upcoming workforce is accustomed to advanced technology in their personal lives and work lives. Adapting ensures that you stay competitive and attract new talent.
  • What are your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives? DEI is not a trend that will eventually go away. Candidates are increasingly looking for employers who not only state their commitment to diversity but also demonstrate it through actionable policies and inclusive workplace cultures. 
  • What sustainability commitments have you made? Highlight the environmental initiatives your company has made and ongoing plans. This is particularly relevant in the manufacturing industry where sustainability efforts can significantly influence a candidate’s decision to apply.
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Show The Candidate What’s In It For Them

Candidates have many options when it comes to choosing a job. Why should they choose your company over others? Show them the reasons.

An attractive benefits package speaks volumes to candidates. List all of the traditional benefits employees receive, like: health insurance, 401K with match, life and/or disability insurance, reimbursement programs, and profit-sharing initiatives.

Yet for today’s workforce, pay is not the only thing that candidates consider in a new job. Other things that influence their decision include:

  • Work/life balance
  • PTO
  • Flexible schedules (flexible hours, hybrid and/or remote work environments)
  • Continuous learning and career advancement opportunities
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Positive work culture
  • Mental health and wellness programs
  • Reimbursement programs
  • Company events

However your organization supports employees and their communities should be proudly communicated in your recruiting efforts.

Share Employee Testimonials, Success Stories, and More

Take a look at your company’s career page, LinkedIn profile, and other social media accounts. Do they offer personal touches or are they mostly riddled with generic corporate jargon?

Behind-the-scenes photos or video clips can help potential candidates envision themselves in the role.

Adding real stories or quotes from current employees about their growth, achievements, and experiences within the company can also make your job postings more relatable and appealing. Don’t assume they need high production value — a cell phone video in a quiet space can appear more genuine and authentic than an expensive recruiting video.

Communicate With Your Recruiter

Whether you have an internal recruiter or partner with a manufacturing staffing agency, make sure their recruiting efforts reflect everything your company has to offer. 

Ask your recruiter to gather candidate feedback post-screening or interview, such as:

  • What seemed to interest them the most about the role and/or company? 
  • What surprised them? 
  • Did anything seem to disappoint them or disengage from the conversation? 
  • Is anything emerging as a common theme among applicants?

Use this insight to improve your job listing, career site, or target audience.

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Embrace the Future of Manufacturing Talent Acquisition

In a highly competitive manufacturing job market, standing out requires more than just attractive salaries and benefits. It involves a holistic approach where technology meets talent and offers a work environment that aligns with modern preferences and expectations.

By showcasing genuine employee experiences and communicating what kind of employer you are, you can attract the skilled workforce your company needs to thrive.

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